The power of music to communicate is irrefutable.  Whether you sing in a chorus, play in an instrumental ensemble, teach it, dance to it, or support it as an audience participant, music is the truest form of opening the human mind.  Science continually proves that yesterday’s theories are incorrect, but an artistic masterpiece of the past will still be a masterpiece in the future.  The arts are basic human truths that are never outdated or obsolete.I feel fortunate to have had many opportunities to lead musicians in performances of symphonic works, operas, and ballets, and to have worked with some of the true artistic geniuses of our time.  Without the musicians in the orchestra, there is no music.  The orchestra and its members should be visible as the center of the cultural life in the community, partnering with community organizations and individuals to achieve an understanding and connection between the performing organization and the community in which it lives.

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Photo by Rosalie O'Connor


Wagner - The Essential RING - adapted and arranged by Jonathan McPhee in both original orchestration and a reduced orchestration

  • Das Rheingold (68')
  • Die Walkure (62')
  • Piano / Vocal Score for Part 1 (Das Rheingold & Die Walkure)

Comments & Reviews

“As a talented composer and conductor, articulate teacher and innovative collaborator, he is a rare find.”

-Liz Borg, Young Audiences of Massachusetts

The Boston Ballet Orchestra:​

"Yet the star of the evening was Boston Ballet music director Jonathan McPhee. You can’t have a great performance of Neumeier’s ‘Third Symphony’ without a great performance of Mahler’s Third Symphony. McPhee, leading the Boston Ballet Orchestra and the New World Chorale, delivered exactly that."​

-Jeffrey Gantz, The Boston Globe

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